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I'm some random chick from the California area. I go to college here as well, majoring in English and minoring in Music. As much as I love here, though, I want to live in England. I love grey skies, clouds, and cold ocean breezes. I have an unusual obsession with city lights, poetry, astronomy, travel, and classic rock.
Day-to-day observations, ponderations, thoughts, amusing links, my favorite music discoveries, pictures, my poetry, and songs that I write and record.
Writing, poetry, piano, singing, guitar, dulcimer, harp, learning new instruments, photography, fashion, blogging, laughing (teh LULZ), and being a dork.
Movies (like Withnail & I, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and This is Spinal Tap), Books (like Clockwork Orange, Crime & Punishment, The Bell Jar), Music (like Pink Floyd, Entrance, The Kinks, or anything folk or psychedelic rock), Poetry, Bohemian/hippie fashion, and Comedy (Eddie Izzard, Russell Brand, and Steven Wright).
I write a lot because I have thoughts on pretty much every topic.


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