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14 July 2010 @ 11:50 pm
So change of plans. Six Flags was so tiring that driving home now is a terrible idea. Ughhh...I am officially dead. That could be racked up to quite a few factors. It was somewhat ridiculous of me to wear a dress considering all the insane rollercoasters there. I was happy to feel the free air on my legs in the ridiculous heat though. We had to go on water rides to survive! Definitely worth awkward rollercoaster situations- and there were no unfortunate gusts of wind, thank god. :p

The interesting thing about theme parks in the summer, besides being ferociously hot in socal, are consistant of high schoolers on dates or class trips and families out with their kids. We were the rare college kids- all of the ride attendants, ticket takers, and vendors were college kids in need of a summer job. It makes sense if you live near there- and it made the workers super relateable. There's nothing like the bond of peer-ship. :p It was just rather amusing to see kids my age having the visible run of the place. The ticket girl even complimented my signature turquoise sunglasses(I wear them everywhere). Haha, and a girl in line for the water line complimented my outfit- which made me worry less about dress-coaster-awkwardness and overall gross-sweaty-ew-ness. :p It's the little things, sometimes.

While out and about among these high school types, I tried to imagine where I'd fit in at that school. So many kids were so one subculture or another. I even tried to scope out guys I would've gone for at that age- funny because some my current self definitely doesn't approve of, lol. Haha, I did scope out what looked to be a Scandinavian male model on holiday with his family. Haha, no seriously! Kid was smokin'! And he had the most overflowing blonde curls coupled with a blazer- very euro-fashion. Lol, I stared out of appreciation of the rarity of his breed, not just because he hit the usual oggling menu of guys with long hair. Haha, and I did this all with Ulysses right next to me. He could care less, really. Haha, I oggle at him when he's not horribly sick (okok maybe sometimes then too...)

Speaking of, that guy is going to get run into the ground on account of my visit. He's going around showing me places even though he's sick as a dog with pnumonia/fever/whatever else. But that's just who he is. He'd much rather defeat his body than give in to resting it up. :\ I just hate watching him get worse and worse due to himself. :p He told me he'll rest when I go home, so at least that's a comfort.

Oh and I was supposed to drive home tonight. Oops...

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06 June 2009 @ 04:50 am
Last night, I went with my parents to see the Opera in the Park! It was SO amazing. Wow. The San Francisco Opera always puts on a good show, so that made up for the fact that we didn't technically see it live. It was simulcast from the opera house onto the big HD screen at the Giant's baseball stadium. Tosca is not my favorite of favorites, but definitely up there on my opera list. :P The chick is the hero, so I'm sure it's also a major feminist favorite too, haha. The singers were absolutely FANTASTIC. The woman who sang the part of Floria Tosca...:O wow. My eyes watered a bit during her stirring aria about why she had to endure such pain. AHHhh, one of the few things in life that can make me emotional- opera.

*le sigh* So more on the topic of the boy... Uhm, sometimes I go away from a conversation with him feeling like crap. When I first met him, I got this vibe that he was some sort of a heartbreaker that could get just about any girl, basically, so that's why I didn't bother flirting too much with him even though I did kinda have a thing for him. Even when flirting talking to him now, he can seem a bit distant on some subjects. Or maybe it's just because it's an...AIM conversation that I feel crappy about that. I've already figured out that I do want to go out with him in the fall when I can SEE him again, but if it just ends up being a fling, then that's what it'll end up being. Meh. Or maybe it's because it's the middle of the night and nobody's brains are on straight.

I KNOW I've said this before here, but listening to Simon and Garfunkel is like having a good cry. The album "Bookends" plays out that way, anyhow. The first section is all about remembering the past, realizing that we're all going to die, and all sorts of considerations that people have when they're old. Then there's the end...which has some of the BEST rock out songs ever.

I feel like I've eaten several donuts. Ugh. I need sleep.

OH have the first installment of a short story I wrote. It's called "The Opera". Very very rough draft. Still writing the end. I figure putting it here will convince me to finish it. :P

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Originally I joked around and told everybody that this was my theme song:

It was based on my name, ok? Sheesh...

But...that was just a joke.
This needs to be my new (actual) theme song:

A man needs to sing this to me. Now. I guess I'll just have to suffice for Neil Young. Hmmpf... :\

OH, I went and volunteered and ripped tickets at the opera put on by our music department, so I got in for free! WHOOT. Dudes, I will not kid you. It was simply amazing. More on that later.

Pps- No but really. Love that song.
Ppps- I dig the new facebook chat. Just thought I'd let you know that useless information.

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13 April 2009 @ 11:45 pm
I'm about to craaaaash dead asleep right now. The only thing keeping me awake is the amusing sounds of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. I've just spent houuurrrrsss doing homework that needed to be done. I've got an exam coming up on Brit Lit class on Thursday and >.< I've got to study more tomorrow. Seriously, I just read book 9 of Paradise Lost aloud to myself. In that older style English, it's so much easier to follow if you read it out loud. I had an easier time reading the African epic of Son-Jara. Whoo. I won't lie, though, I love the stuff we're studying, but it's difficult to sit down and work when you're exhausted.

I was really hoping to read some of Steppenwolf today, though. I spent all my free time hanging out with people. I walked with a friend to Target cuz she had to get some stuff. It's a bit of a trek, but nothing too bad. Makes for great conversation every time, I tell you. And dinner was a hoot, getting about twenty of us at one table laughing up a storm. <3 We spent a good solid hour at the dining commons.

On the topic of Paradise Lost, though, would you have eaten the fruit in the Garden of Eden? The story is slightly different in Milton's version, but I love Eve's little monologue as she thinks over whether or not to take a bite. Part of me thinks that I'd have sense enough to do what is right, but the other side of me says that I'm such a knowledge-addict that I'd just *need* to know what it meant. In a way, the fruit represents enlightenment, power, and enjoyment. Who doesn't want that? I dunno...it's certainly refreshing to get an ol' story rewritten in an in-depth way. It makes you think about it. For one, I'm still wondering if I'm a "steppenwolf" or not.

For all that I talk about books and my schoolwork, I swear I'm still little miss extravert. :P It's because I procrastinate too much by spending time with friends that I have all this work I need to do now. >.< Gah! College gives me so many awesome options to choose from and I'm only human with only twenty-four hours a day. I ignore the fact that I need sleep often. You can sleep when you're dead!!

Ps- Oh Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band...good stuff.
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01 April 2009 @ 11:48 am
Oh dear God...

I really want to read this book.
But it'd be like preaching to the choir. Even the comments on that page are fascinating.

My comments to come later.

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! :D I feel proud of my facebook status today. LOL ISN'T THAT SAD?!??! The only thing I've managed to create is something of ABSOLUTELY NO MERIT!



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Alright, alright...I'm rethinking this Twitter thing already.
I'm doing away with the Twitter posts to LJ...because that's really unnecessary. >.<

That and taking time out of doing actual things to sit there and be antisocial, typing away on my iPod touch is definitely NOT cool. I do not dig, yo. PLUS, I don't really carry around my iPod with me so, if I'm tweeting, that probably means that I'm being a loner and sitting all alone in my dorm on the computer. Do not want.

Anyway, that was the purpose of this post.

I was pondering human self-worth today during class and actually getting a bit depressed about some of the conclusions I was reaching. (Don't worry, it was a boring class) What with all this Twitter nonsense, we're basically proclaiming to the world that we think we are so awesome that people will want to hear every thought that pops into our heads. WHAT?! In a society that perpetuates importance and fame as a sort of new currency, this is like trying to make yourself rich. PERHAPS we should question that whole thing about self-worth instead! It's another form of narcissism! To be honest, I need need NEED to type/write/create. I would keep a journal even if I had been stranded on an island and nobody would ever read it. That's just me. No comments on my internet crap? Whatever. Ob-la-di Ob-la-dah, right? But WHY do we think people actually want to hear "I'm eating soup" or "I forgot how awesome this webcomic is"? NO OF COURSE THEY DON'T!!1! And some people have even gotten to the extent where they've realized this, so they fill every social networking site with ENTERTAINMENT. Because everyone knows that entertainment sells in this world where fame is the new dollar. So what are they? LIARS. They're filling everything with a joke. And none of their true thoughts are shared...hence DEFEATING THE PURPOSE of a social networking site.

Yet again, this is where I collapse into the fetal position amidst the bombs raging around the war-beaten and somehow silent scenery and mourn the loss of face to face conversation with real people.

Yeah, I've actually noticed the percentage level of my happiness going down if I don't get a chance to talk to anyone. ANYONE. Even saying "Thanks, have a nice day too" to the cashier at the store helps for those quiet-lack-of-good-conversation days. People may think I am capable of spending a lot of time on the computer, but it's all still in search of people to have a conversation with. Extroversion, you are a CHORE sometimes. ugh.

Ps- Happy Cesar Chavez day!! Lol, cuz I know you all care... I stayed up late with friends in uh..."celebration" (?) of the holiday sleeping in tomorrow.

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31 March 2009 @ 12:06 am
  • 11:48 Can't believe I actually have one of these things...after months of resenting it too #
  • 11:52 ...setting this up will make me late for class. I see a bad habit forming already. #
  • 16:12 robbing a bank with Amelia #
  • 16:57 Crack is wack #
  • 17:08 Wow...this girl is just a bowl of sugar... heh :P jk jk #
  • 17:14 Is updating her twit...er yeah
    I'm addicted to bread #
  • 21:15 Amazing composition concert tonight. Discovered my friend Johnny and I have practically the same vocal range. Contralto...Mezzo Soprano #
  • 22:40 Listening to My Old Man by Joni Mitchell on Twisten.FM - twisten.fm/l/3kFO #
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It hit me again today...People's priorities are not in the right place. I was driving on the freeway and there was a major traffic buildup. (Well not major...but still odd for a Saturday afternoon) I sat in my car, listening to the radio and wishing that the air conditioning could spit out ice cubes instead of cool air. As I flirted with my brake pedal, I glanced across the lanes to the most glorious little patches of orange flowers resting on sloping green hills. I realized that whatever it could be ahead that people are slowing their cars to look at is NOT as interesting to me as a bunch of wild flowers. When I got up to the "accident", it was just a truck turned the wrong way in the leftmost lane. No car parts flying anywhere or anything? The only interesting part was the flares and police cars. THIS is what we'd been waiting to see for the past fifteen minutes? Ghastly.

Of course, when I got home, I promptly frolicked up the hill to fetch a fistful of California Golden Poppies. I miss them when I'm away at school. Sure, there's plenty different kinds of wild flowers attempting to take over the quads all over campus, but they're not Golden Poppies. They practically breathe sunlight. I put my mini bouquet in a small vase and already they're looking more depressed than their cousins outside in the piercing rays of the sun.

Familiar faces are gorgeous things.

I recorded a song I wrote this week for dulcimer. This is for you:

It's called "Found the Sound" and, yes, that's my dulcimer wailing away. I spruced it up with some strings in editing and had a good time playing with the harmonies.
Download (xx to tt):

I don't know why I put up my song downloads sometimes. They're nowhere near polished up...but then again, I can always look back and see that these are the exclusive demos! :P I honestly doubt I'll get anywhere writing music, but at least it's a fulfilling creative output and time well spent.

I caught up on Demitri Martin's "Important Things" show last night. It's such subtle humor, almost like it's not intended to make you laugh, just smile.

Ps- I'm headed back to school tomorrow. Things won't be so slight, quiet, or subtle anymore. When I'm hiding in my room, quiet walls around me, the morning seems to live forever, even during lazy afternoons. And the soundtrack is always acoustic.
Pps- I can't sleep in my own bed. The one at home, that is. I just end up in a sleep that is more like a coma, unable to move after my eyes have been closed. At least in my dorm, I have more comfortable sleeping habits.

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Ok. Good. All set and back from LA. As much as I long for adventures, it feels good to be home at my dorm.

I'm really glad I went to see a bunch of family I hadn't seen in a while. My aunt and uncle are still looking to move out of their apartment in LA so as to have more room for the baby, but I like taking advantage of where they are now when I visit. :P LA is nice when the sun isn't piercing my forehead with a headache. We visited the new Grammy Museum which was surprisingly good. They had a bunch of information about the history of recording, backgrounds of different kinds of genres, and a bunch of stuff like that. I was singing along to quite a bit of it. :P

I'm also madly obsessed with airplanes. Even if the flight only lasts about an hour. I think it'd be awesome to dress up like a 60s flight stewardess next Halloween. Don't steal my idea. :P On both plane flights, I also had some good conversation with my mom. I hardly get to talk to her about more serious topics. She cares, but she's such an introverted and independent person that she doesn't feel like things like that need to be brought up at all. Lol, apparently she was the girl always getting hit on in college too. :P My mom's awesome, though. I'm exceedingly grateful that I have a good relationship with both my parents. I bet you my soon-to-be-born cousin will have that too. ^^

I really love spending time with my mom's side of the family. They turn everywhere into an Epicurean adventure. One day Persian cafe, another is a Cuban bakery, yet another is a 24 hour Jewish diner, then homemade Korean food... And "bedtime snack" is a serious staple of the day. :P Plus sarcasm, jokes, and silliness are just a way of life. My dad's side of the family, though fun, is loud and hectic at times. I could sit and talk with my mom's side for a whole afternoon. ^^

After all that good time with good company, it'll be weird to go back to interacting with friends and classmates that aren't so good with picking up social cues. >.< There are a few in my humanities class tomorrow... just ugh.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow! St. Patty's Day!!! :D Oh, it's great to have a bit of Irish heritage.

My friend got us all signed up for dorms today!! ^^ YAY for having a cool roommate and great neighbors! We'll be on the twelth and top floor with a bunch of our friends. Plus, I think some of our other friends are getting rooms on the eleventh floor. :D I'm pretty psyched. Next year is looking to be quite awesome.

Ps- I love folk music so much. So so much. It's so simple, but it communicates so much *HUMANNESS*. Ugh. Love it.
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12 March 2009 @ 09:25 pm
Why do I think of most things in facebook status updates? I consider my response to things in a sort of "Katrina ________ ." WHAT IS UP WITH THAT, FACEBOOK?! Ruining my thought processes, I see.

I am only here because after the hookah session wrapped up, that lot decided to go for dinner. Why do I have to eat dinner with the group that goes right at 6 o'clock? Ugh. I'll high tail it back to the other dorm building after I'm done writing this up. For some reason, I think whatever I have to blab on about right now has significance. That and the fact that I had a vocal riff running in my mind that I wanted to record really quick for future reference and song writing purposes. I've got to prep up enough for an open mic here soonish. This is me trying to convince myself.

...I actually ate three square meals today. I just realized that. Wow.

Our humanities seminar professor reminds me a lot of my grandma on my dad's side by the way she talks. But she's such a passionate person about the subjects she teaches. It's awesome when she's expounding on a topic that you're interested in, but it's a quick recipe for the class to zone out pretty fast. She had assigned a past logic assignment that she hadn't explained clearly enough, as well as starting on a thesis for a Dante paper that we needed to get run by her first. So of course, I was part of the line waiting outside her door at her office hours. I sat down next to a guy from my seminar and instantly started talking about philosophy and logic. And he said he would've pegged me as the nerd of the class. >.< He lacks a certain ability to pick up on a few social cues and assumes an opinion on things and people rapidly, so I didn't take too much offense. Then two other guys from our seminar class came and waited outside with us (the first guy's roommates, actually). I'm...a bit stunned that I haven't had the chance to meet these people in my class until today really. After we all had plenty of our professor's lecturing (oh and that little bit about our papers. :P), I was glad I had gone...not necessarily because of the office hours (she just said that my theme worked as a good thesis and that I was good to go), but because I got to talk to those guys. One of them added me on facebook too. Amazing how many people you could know if you just TRIED.
(And secretly being the nerd that I was pegged as being, I want to go to subsequent office hours and just geek out about humanities with my professor. :P NERD MUCH I KNOW, SHUT UP)

Today, the concert in the music hall was a performance of all the string quartets written by the composition majors. ...UGH, I miss being a composition major sometimes. I really do. I told a friend that after the performance was over. Oh music, you're haunting me like the ghost of Christmas past.

Why are all my core friend groups usually consisting of blondes and asians? I AM NOT TRYING FOR IT TO BE THIS WAY I SWEAR. I only just noticed that during hookah today. (in high school, it was chicks...now it's a bunch of guys)

WATCH THIS NOW. I love pretty lights. I love trippy music. Basically, I love this music video.

OMG CHOIR CONCERT'S TOMORROW! Monteverdi!! And I have nothing to do until then. Hooray for sleeping in!

Just...wow, this weekend away from school is going to be odd. Sure, I'll be with family in LA, but not being with friends during the weekend is strange. Spring break...ugh.

I've got the song "Turning Japanese (I Really Think So)" stuck in my head.

Life's full of so many different things. So many eclectic joys, so many eclectic happinesses, and numerous pains. Everything is varied. And we get the priviledge to pick and choose. That's an amazing thing.

Ps- Gloria patri et filio et spiritui sancto, saecula saeculorum amen. XD Choir = MAD Latin skillz! The word "sancto" is SO much fun to say/sing. Make sure your italian accent is really thick. The switch from the "ank" to the "toe" is just AWESOME. :P

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